Apple Card is OUT NOW!! Find out if you are eligible

Apple Card Eligibility

It’s been almost a year since Apple fanboys are waiting for the Cupertino based company’s Apple Card. Finally, the wait is now over with Apple announcing that some users will now be able to use the product.

When is it coming though?

The company recently announced that “some” of its users can now make use of the card which operates on the Mastercard network. An undisclosed number of users received an email on Tuesday giving them an invitation to try Apple’s newest feature.

The company said that users will be able to apply for the card using the Apple Wallet app sometime this month. That being said, the company hasn’t said exactly when.

If you are one of the selected few, you will get a notification alerting you that you can now use the card on your Apple device. The physical card is entirely optional.


Apple Card details

Unlike all other cards, if you happen to use an Apple card, there are absolutely no fees whatsoever. And by none, I mean no fees on foreign transactions, no fines on overspending, late payments and even cash advances.

One should keep in mind that the interest card varies a lot, ranging from 12.99% to a whopping 23.99%. Since Goldman Sach is the issuer, they determine how much interest you will be charged. It should be noted that this is not at all excessive and the rate lines up with other credit cards.

The only thing you will need to make use of the card is an iPhone will the device software updated to at least iOS 12.4. Also, you cannot share the card with your family, unlike other apple services.

But what about security?

Apple insists that the card cannot be copied since there is literally no number but a chip. They have also developed a system where every purchase you make is associated with a token number and not the card itself.

If a user thinks that they have been wrongly charged, they can initiate a claim from within the app and track it. The best part is that even if you manage to lose your card somewhere, you can continue completing your payments through the app itself.

Although not the best, the Apple Card will surely stand out from the rest of the competition because of the deep integration with the user’s smartphone ecosystem.

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