Apple files patent for Mixed-Reality Headset with Face Tracking

Apple files patent for Mixed-Reality Headset with face tracking

The tech giant, Apple is currently gearing up for bringing many new technologies into use in their devices. Now, Apple has filed a patent for a ‘Mixed-Reality Headset’ to track various inputs.

This combined AR and VR headset consists of numerous sensors for detailing of inputs.

Mixed-Reality Headset: Display System with Sensors

Apple has simply titled this application as “Display System Having Sensors”. This patent was earlier filed in March and was published last week. The application describes the complete use of different sensors for gathering the required data.

Use of sensors

Apple files patent for Mixed-Reality Headset with face tracking

Apple has already introduced its facial tracking software, Animoji. It uses the iPhone‘s selfie camera to track the facial expressions and grids of a person. And further, transforms them into animations.

But, the greatest challenge to overcome is that the correct tracking cannot be done just by wearing the headset. Thus, Apple is combining this with several sensors to extract the correct data.

How will the Mixed-Reality Headset work?

Another question that arises in our mind is, how will the headset work when combined with the sensors? The sensors being attached with the headset include eyebrow, jaw tracking, and camera tracking. Biometric authentication would be done using these camera tracking sensors.

Apple files patent for Mixed-Reality Headset with face tracking

The outward-facing cameras of the headset will capture the real world and then display it on the screen. For this, they might use video see-through cameras to transform the real world into virtuality. And, this approach is a different one from the ones used by Microsoft and Magic Leap.

Is Apple using this patent?
Apple files patent for Mixed-Reality Headset with face tracking

Currently, there is no such news of the tech giant using this AR and VR combined patent in its upcoming devices. But, Apple will surely use it in the near future.

Also, Apple has not made any public comment about its Mixed Reality headset. And, for sure Apple will launch this headset by the fourth quarter of the year.

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