Apple Maps to have a major rebuild, includes Street View-like 3D imagery

Apple gives Maps a major rebuild, includes Street View-like 3D imagery
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New Apple Maps is now getting a unique version. It seems like Apple is updating new applications. Recently, the company also decided to remove iTunes and replace it with other apps.

Apple gives Maps a major rebuild, includes Street View-like 3D imagery

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Details about New Apple Maps

Apply has spent many years of trying to swap out Google for the old version of Maps. Their dream has finally turned into reality. At the WWDC event, Apple revealed a new rebuild of the Maps. The event was held on June 3rd, 2019.

The company unveiled that they are adding a new street view style feature to the Apple Maps. It is going to be a big leap in interactivity and dynamic rendering. The new update is going to add a new touch to the maps. Exploring through maps is going to be fun for iOS users.

However, the new Apple Maps services will be released in the United States by the end of 2019. Plus, other countries will get a benefit of using this cool feature in 2020.

New Apple Maps Features

The new app will have a detailed rendering of roads which will provide more data about public spots such as parks, beaches as well as buildings. It will come handy when someone is trying to locate a specific address while visiting any unfamiliar places.

If the user spots something, he can zoom in and use binoculars. The app allows them to check out the interior and exterior of the place in a three-dimensional experience.

However, there is another reason for using the binocular effect. Apple wants the Maps to become your own discovery platform even if you are not travelling. Check out The Geek Herald for more exciting updates.

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