‘Apple Glass’ Updates: Future Augmented Reality Head Mounted Display


Apple Glass may provide the users with less intrusive and a safer way to navigate and find directional instructions required. It is Apple’s future augmented reality head mounted display.

Apple users can get navigational instructions for their destinations on CarPlay, iPad and iPhone. The systems and device use vocal instructions and visual cues like ‘turn right’ or ‘turn left’ to provide navigational instructions to the user.

Even though these vocal instructions seem useful, they might interrupt and intrude with the user’s actions at the time. A patent application has the description of the tech giant’s plans to deal with this issue.

This patent application titled ‘Spatial Audio Navigation’ explains that the Apple devices will be capable of providing non-invasive navigational cues by making use of the sound passed through a binaural audio system like wireless or wired earbuds (AirPods or EarPods), other devices in future.

This technology will also provide great user experience for future augmented reality devices like Apple Glass. According to the patent inventors, this technology will not be similar to the currently used systems as it won’t use vocal instructions. In fact, the new navigational system will use the sound or music that the user is listening to and provide directional cues.

The system will make adjustments to sound so the user will hear it from the side towards which they are supposed to turn. For instance, the audio will be played from right, if they have to turn to the right side.

Further, the system will make use of the target destination and current location of the user and make adjustments to the audio. For instance, the sound will become louder as the user approaches a particular turn.

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