Apple iOS 13.4.5 Release Date, Features: Solve the Bugs and Issues in the New Update

iOS 13.4.5 Release Date, Features How to solve the Bugs and Issues in the New Update

Apple iOS 13.4.5 update came out recently and along with some new features it also bought out several bugs and issues. Many of the iPhone and iPad users have complained in the past few days about the new software update affecting their devices.

There are complaints that the new iOS 13.4.5 has been freezing apps, overheating the device and forcing restarts. Here is more information on iOS 13.4.5 bugs and issues, along with how to solve the problems in the OS update.

Apple iOS 13.4.5 Release Date and Features

Apple iOS 13.4.5 Release Date and Features

Apple released the latest iOS 13.4.5 update on April 20 with the second beta launch to clear out the previous bugs. While the iOS 13.4.5 contained several fixes for older problems, it kind of created more trouble than it solved.

The iOS 13.4.5 update was originally meant to solve the remote hacking of Apple device, where data vulnerability was a big issue. It is why Apple is pushing its developers to work on iOS 14 and solve the problem altogether.

 iOS 13.4.5 Bugs and Issues

 iOS 13.4.5 Bugs and Issues

Most of the Apple users have complained that the new iOS 13.4.5 beta update is draining their device battery very quickly with just about 8 hours of on-screen time. There are also several WiFi issues reported in the new software update, whereas the LTE or cellular signals just works fine.

The Mailbox security problem is the biggest issue in the iOS 13.4.5 beta update which Apple needs to fix as soon as possible. Several other iPhone users have also complained about other iOS 13.4.5. bugs such as apps crashing, unresponsive display screen errors and warmer phones during use.

How to Solve iOS 13.4.5 Problems?


How to Solve iOS 13.4.5 Problems

Apple iOS updates are always buggy in the beginning and the same is the case with iOS 13.4.5 beta update. For users who have yet not upgraded their devices to iOS 13.4.5, they should just for a few weeks until Apple releases the full version to fix the errors. While other users can shut down the apps which are causing more troubles, contact Apple Support and tell them about the iOS 13.4.5 problems they are facing.

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