Apple iPhone 11 comes with a Manufacturing Defect?

Apple iPhone 11 comes with a Manufacturing Defect

Apple iPhone 11 users are facing a new issue where the device is bugged with green tinting screens on unlocking the phones. Although the discoloration is temporary and the color restores to normal after a few seconds, Apple users are very much worried about it. The green tinting issue is largely seen in iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and a few older models.

While it could be a software bug causing the issue, it might be also possible that Apple iPhone comes with a manufacturing defect as it will be almost a year soon since the smartphones were manufactured. Here are more details on the iPhone 11 green taint issue and what has Apple done to solve the manufacturing defect.

Apple iPhone 11 Green Taint Issue and Solution

Apple iPhone 11 Green Taint Issue and Solution

Apple iPhone 11 uses the newer version of OLED screens which are very compact and hence the issue could be related to that. The green tint bug has been reported after iPhone 11 users have installed iOS 13.4.1 and hence it could also be related to the software bug. Apple has yet to release any official statement on the green tinting issue but they have recently released iOS 13.5.1 update to stop jailbreak and it could be the cause of trouble too.

Since the green tinting bug has hit only a selected number of iPhone 11 devices, it could also be a manufacturing defect. Apple is planning to provide another software update in the form of iOS 13.5.2 to fix the green screen issue or they could take another course of action if the problem lies within the iPhone 11 hardware.

iOS 14 will Solve the iPhone 11 Manufacturing Defect

iOS 14 will Solve the iPhone 11 Manufacturing Defect

Apple could also wait for a few weeks and roll out iOS 14 to fix most of the issues as it the new software version will resolve all the minor issues. It is rumored that iOS 13.4 was the last major update in the iOS 13 series and the updates after it were aimed to fix the smaller issues. Apple will launch the iOS 14 update at the WWDC 2020 event on June 22 and the new software update will be out for public in September, but certain users can get iOS 14 beta to fix the issues.

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