Apple iPhone 11 leaks reveal ditching of the Branding Tag for a better look

Apple iPhone 11 latest leaks contains removal of branding tag

A key insider working for the Foxconn reveals three interesting leaks for Apple iPhone 11. The exact date for the release of Apple iPhone is still under vague. However, the details of the smartphone are way better than its predecessor.

iPhone 11 latest leaks contains removal of branding tag

An insider of Foxconn reveals the latest leaks for iPhone 11
Credits: MSPowerUser

The person reveals the details of the Apple iPhone 11 on a Q&A session of Zhihu. Moreover, details of the aggregate leak are also uploaded on Slashleaks. This website along with Zhihu is prominent for most the leaks available till now. Unfortunately, the pictures are kept secret and cannot be viewed from the website Slashleaks.

Apple iPhone 11 models will join dark green color palets

On comparing with previous leak sources this leak pictures are almost the same. For the Apple fans, this won’t be new but some statements are pretty new. The person from the Foxconn company claims that the new Apple iPhone 11 will have all new green color. And fortunately, this claim is the same from Mac Otakara website claiming to have a dark green color.

iPhone 11 latest leaks contains removal of branding tag

New colour patches will be available from tech-giant Apple
Credits: iDownload Blog

In addition, smartphones will also have lavender and lilac color. These new colors will take the position of blue and coral colors available now. The latest 11 will have “Matte glass” back as previously rumored by Ming-Chi Kuo.

And the most important change will allocate to its branding. For the new iPhone 11, the branding tag will no be available. Just as, the “iPhone” written at the back of the smartphone which keeps it different from other smartphones in the market.

Other specifications from the latest tech-giant

Most importantly, the new brand smartphone will upgrade its storage capacity. The smartphones will now be available with a variation of 64GB, 256 GB and even 512GB. In addition, the successor will now be available with 3969 mAH battery capacity. Also, the 3D touch for the upcoming iPhone will also be removed.

iPhone 11 latest leaks contains removal of branding tag

The iPhone 11 will now come in the matte glass back
Credits: iMore

For now, nothing can’t be taken seriously as long as there isn’t any official announcement. Slashleaks didn’t disclose the person’s identity as he/she is random. Till then we need to keep some grains of salt aside and wait for Apples iPhone 11 release.

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