Apple iPhone 12 Release Date, Specs, Security: Improved Face ID and 5G Network for 2020 iPhones

Apple iPhone 12 Release Date, Specs, Security Improved Face ID and 5G Network for 2020 iPhones

Apple iPhone 12 will improve a lot of things and brings various cool new features and high-end smartphone users are looking forward to what’s next in stores. Every tech expert has their eyes set on the launch of the iPhone 12 and specs leaks and rumors are already coming out.

As per the latest reports, the security features of the iPhone 12 will be way advanced with an improved and upgraded Face ID system. Here are more details on Apple iPhone 12 specs, security, rumors, leaks, 5G network along with information for the 2020 iPhones release date.

iPhone 12 Specs Rumors: Improved Face ID and 5G Connectivity

iPhone 12 Specs Rumors Improved Face ID and 5G Connectivity

Apple iPhone 12 will still use a facial recognition system for the biometric authentication system but it will be a huge improvement compared to the previous set of iPhones. Many of the industry sources are claiming that Apple has been developing an improved Face ID sensor which will be revealed over the next few months.

Barclays analysts Blayne Curtis, Thomas O’Malley, and Baylie Harri has hinted that Apple will update the iPhone 12 with an advanced TrueDepth sensor. It is the main component used for 3D mapping of a user’s face while using Face ID in the iPhones. There are also rumors that Apple could add the fourth with a 3D sensing capacity lens on the rear cameras for iPhone 12. Meanwhile, there will be a lot of specs improvement for the iPhone twelve and new features will be added to the device.

Apple iPhone 12 could be the first Apple device to have 5G connectivity, given how almost every smartphone brand is offering 5G network devices. As for the change from Lighting port to USB-C, it won’t happen this year for iPhone 12 and would take around 2021 for the shift.

iPhone 12 Release Date and Price in Annual Apple Event

iPhone 12 Release Date in Annual Apple Event

Apple iPhone 12 release date is almost set for the September annual event, just like every year. It means that the 2020 iPhone will be available to order from the first week of September 2020. As for the model reveal, Apple could release the first look of their upcoming iPhone lineup somewhere around fall this year. The price of Apple iPhone 12 is set to be higher than $999 and could easily cross $1,999 for the highest variant.

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