Apple iPhone 2019-with triple camera, folds and A13 chipsets

iPhones in 2019 - with triple camera, folds and A13 chipsets

Apple iPhone 2019 is likely to release new iPhones this fall, 2019. However, the world market is full of rumours and undetailed expectation.

We expect new iPhones to be announced in September 2019. Apple launched every iPhone during the autumn for nearly 8 years. Apple has filed patents for foldable phones, a triple camera with a square bump of size and much more scientific software.

The iPhone XS (64GB) is available with a price of $999. Moreover, there’s always a price increase with every iPhone release. Meanwhile, we hope to get a more stabilized price ranges with the release of new iPhones.

iPhones in 2019 - with triple camera, folds and A13 chipsets

Leaked pictures of iPhone 11

Rumours and designs

In the competitive market of 3-4 camera, Apple plans to add more camera lens to its upcoming releases. An image was rumoured across the internet of Apple iPhone 2019, having 3 cameras and flash arranged in an irregular way.

Subsequently, the triple camera design was mounded in a square design. Meanwhile, Apple is working on “Auto-correction feature” that enables people to fit who are cut out accidentally.

Apple has also patented foldable design iPhones to be available in the market. The patent was filed in October 2018. Since 2011, the patents continued to assemble in a long series.

The Apple iPhone 2019 will be a millimeter thicker than previous ones. In addition, a new feature will allow Airpods to charge on keeping them at the back of iPhones.

iPhones in 2019 - with triple camera, folds and A13 chipsets

Expected picture of iPhone fold

Apple iPhone 2019: Specification and new adaptations

Importantly, the next generation of iPhones will be powered by a bionic A13 processor. This chipset is manufactured by TSMC. The production has been initiated as reported.

From a report by The Verge in 2018, Apple is planning to provide waterproof port along with a liquid tight seal. Subsequently, it will allow users to use underwater.

Another report from DigiTimes in 2018, Apple planning to switch to USB-C type charger. The USB-C is currently in use for iPad pros. Most importantly, adopting the USB-C will help professionals to connect and transfer with ease.

The tech giant uses gorilla glass in its smartphone. On the other hand, Apple watches are fitted with sapphire glass. Moreover, the company is planning to use the material in its smartphone world.

In conclusion, everything mentioned is just an expectation from various reports. It’s a wait time from the companies’ side till they release the devices.

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