Apple iPhone 9 Release Date Delayed, Coronavirus in China to Blame

Apple iPhone 9 Release Date Delayed Coronavirus Outbreak in China has affected February Production

Apple iPhone 9 or iPhone SE 2 was about to release in the first quarter of this year but it looks like it could be delayed due to the recent outbreak of Coronavirus in China. The tech analysts have suggested that the production of the upcoming Apple device in Chinese factories could be hugely affected by the deadly disease originated from the city of Wuhan that have taken over the whole country.

The upcoming Apple iPhone 9/iPhone SE 2 was rumored to start production in February 2020 but now the Chinese factories will take more time due to the coronavirus and the release schedule will be delayed by several months.

Apple iPhone 9 Release Date Delayed due to Coronavirus in China

Apple iPhone 9 Release Date Delayed due to Coronavirus in China

Apple might not have announced any official release date for its upcoming iPhone 9 but the leaks and rumors were strongly suggesting that the device will be launched in the first quarter of 2020. It was recently reported that the iPhone 9 production timeline will be done by the third week of February and it also confirms the early 2020 release date reports.

But the whole production and release schedule of Apple iPhone 9 has now changed and become unpredictable after the coronavirus outbreak. Even if there is a delay in any one of the processes related to raw materials, fabrication, assembly, test, and shipping, the whole production timeline of the Apple device will be disturbed and postponed for an indefinite time. It is entirely possible now that Apple iPhone 9 can miss the February production and spring launch schedule due to the deadly disease affecting millions of people in China and the whole world.

The death toll in China has now crossed over 213, with 9,692 confirmed cases and 102,000 people are under observation, while novel coronavirus has been recorded in 18 countries and the World Health Organization has declared it as a global health emergency. Most of the iPhones are assembled in the China Apple plants and coronavirus has deeply impacted the whole process.

Apple iPhone 9 Specs and Features

Apple iPhone 9 Specs and Features

Apple iPhone 9 will be the second mid-range phone from Apple which will be the successor of iPhone SE. There are various leaks claiming that it is very similar to the iPhone 8 and hence people are calling it as iPhone 9 instead of iPhone SE 2. It is also said that the Apple iPhone 9 will have to bring the back the home button and feature the A13 Bionic chipset.

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