Apple Logic Pro X is the latest beast for Mac Pro

Apple Logic Pro X is the latest beast for Mac Pro

With an unlimited amount of software and hardware releases took place at the Apple WWDC. Out of which Apple Logic Pro X stands out among them with a major update. The improved version of the device along with its capabilities with new Mac Pro’s. Logic Pro X is a multi-usable music production software which allows around 56 processing threads. Thus, it allows music producers and composers to ease the work allowed from demanding work pressure.

Apple Logic Pro X is the latest beast for Mac Pro


Apple Logic Pro X upgrades to 1000 tracks

The subsequent upgrade allows the software to support 255 stereo tracks, 255 numbers of AUX channels and also 1,000 MIDI tracks. Moreover, DAWs support even more of these functions like, Ableton is supported with MIDI and tracks for unlimited. Other upgrades are more genuine with the addition of 255 instrument tracks and it also allows strips to send a total of 12.


A question would surely arise, as who would need around 1000 tracks or audio? Related to this question, it may not be a surprise because a bedroom producer doesn’t need such amount. While those who are engaged in making tracks that are dense and huge need such amount of tracks. From a recent report, the TV sitcom Game of Thrones made themselves to use 720 tracks for their episodes. They used such amount of tracks to cover layers of tracks such as foley, background and everything.

Apple Logic Pro X is the latest beast for Mac Pro


To experience the upgraded software, Mac Pro is needed

The company also claims that such amount of tasks can only be supported by the new Mac Pro. Moreover, the latest upgrade to the Logic Pro X can also support five times what the previous Mac Pro used to. As the Apple Logic Pro X supports such many attributes to handle and it even handles CPU usage to its extreme level.

The new upgrade is also supported four times the number of instrumental and audio tracks. While the performance of the software is also upgraded with the development for its loading time of tracks. But, to experience the seamless experience a new Mac Pro will cost around 6000 US dollars.

The Apple Logic Pro X experiences tremendous upgrades which can be viewed at the Apple official website. The latest music composing software is priced at 199.99 US dollars. In addition, those who own the software can update it for free of cost. Check out The Geek Herald for more exciting updates.

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