Apple Park is booming with happiness and Lady gagas performances


The Apple Park was finally is now finally opening! In accordance with various social media reports, the employees working at Apple spaceship campus are having the best day of their lives. It is just full of rainbows.

Apple's spaceship campus is booming with happiness and Lady gagas performances

Lady Gaga Performing at apple park. Source: Gaga Daily

What is actually going on at Apple Park?

A mysterious rainbow was seen in the drone video of the Apple Park last week, it was placed at the centre of the Apple Park. It was then confirmed that it was a stage that was developed by Jony Ive. The event was a tribute to Steve Jobs and was also a celebration for the opening of the Apple Park

The rainbow had colors similar to the original logo of apple. Apple also spread the rainbow around to different segments of the park like cafe cups and stairs. Lady Gaga was also present to perform for the opening ceremony and it was an absolute bash.

Employees were brimming with happiness and some even went on to say that Apple is the best environment to work in.

Apple's spaceship campus is booming with happiness and Lady gagas performances

All the crowd cheering for lady gaga.  Source: The Apple Post

Apple spaceship campus: What Tim Cook and Lady Gaga had to say?

Tim cook posted on Twitter while he showed his immense admiration for Steve Jobs.  He also thanked lady gaga for her stunning performance at the opening ceremony. Cook wrote,

We came together today, in the home you imagined for us, and celebrated your spirit. We love you, Steve,”

Lady Gaga also posted her thanks on Twitter. She said,

I’d also like to say thanks to Zane Lowe because you know, he’s always really encouraged me to do whatever I want. So I’m gonna ask you something, I actually think you have to go through a different company and you guys have to approve it. But I would like if you know anybody, an emoji that says ‘Be Kind.’ So I’m going to get to work on that. “


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