Apple Scandal- lost nearly $900,000 to Two Chinese students!

Apple Scandal- lost nearly $900,000 to 2 Chinese students!
Apple lost millions to two Chinese students.

Two Chinese engineering students studying in Oregan, USA, allegedly duped Apple with huge sum.

Both of them face federal charges for the exact same deed. The entire scam in replacement parts cost Apple nearly & 1 million.

As reported, since 2017, the two Chinese students were indulged in misconduct and exploited the return policy of Apple to a high degree.

Brief about Scam

The names of the two charged with scam are Yangyang Zhou and Quan Jiang.

According to reports, Yangyang recently graduated from Oregan State University with a degree in Engineering. Quan studied engineering in the same place at Linn Benton Community College.

Apple Scandal- lost nearly $900,000 to 2 Chinese students!

They counterfeited and trafficked “thousands” of cloned iPhones from China to the US and sent them for repair/replace one after the another at Apple store.

The students stated the fake iPhones wouldn’t power on, so Apple sent back original iPhones as a substitute.

All of this cost sum of US $ 895,800 approx. to the American Technology Company.


Yanguang took charge of counterfeit shipments to the US from China and original handsets back to China.

Quan managed deals related funds and provided shipment address. Quan’s mother has deposited his share of profits into his account to be accessible in the US.

Apple Scandal- lost nearly $900,000 to 2 Chinese students!

Two students in Oregon allegedly defrauded Apple out of nearly $900,000, according to a criminal complaint.

According to complaints, both of them are acting entirely alien to the fact that China’s shipments were falsified iPhones.

Till charges are proved, students are transferred from custody and Quan is monitored via GPS. Yangyang is charged with exporting illegal goods and Quan is charged with trafficking of Counterfeited goods and Wire Fraud.


Apple did not verify the ownership and authenticity of counterfeited handsets. It is utterly important to demand proof of purchase while replacing devices.


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