Apple Siri is recording your fights, medical issues and even sex sessions

Apple Siri is recording humans private moments or even your secret medical issues

Something that starts to record personal information without anyone’s consent can be creepy. And now whistle-blower claims that Apple Siri is able to record your private moments. Some reports say Siri is sending confidential user data for improving the voice assistant.

The Guardian reports that contractors all over the world are responsible for sending user data without their consent. This data varies from secret medical issues, drug deals or couples having sex. The contractors hear the voice snippets and make improvement for better dictation by Siri.

Apple Siri acts as a listener to improve quality

On the other hand, the tech giant confirms that only 1% of the voice applies to improvise Siri. However, this job is done by a human, which at times can be vulnerable. This voice recording last for few seconds for maintenance.

Apple Siri is recording humans private moments or even your secret medical issues

Apple made statements regarding the user’s request in terms of Siri’s response. Siri responses are well secured and are adhered under the company’s strict requirements.

One of the contractors working with Apple reveals the voice assistant triggers with a small strike. It even catches similar phrases or motion sensor which records sensitive contents. In addition, the sound of the zip often acts as a trigger by Apple Siri.

Alexa and Google does the same as an assistant

In addition, Home Pod and Apple Watch are sometimes more vulnerable for accidental activation. This activation can record voice snippets for about 30 seconds. Moreover, the snippets even record the user’s location and contact details from Apple ID.

There have been many encounters from such recordings where users private discussion are heard. The company’s contractor often listens to users, doctor and patient discussion. At the time many criminal deals or intimate moments come through this snippets.

Apple’s Siri is recording humans private moments or even your secret medical issues

HomePod and Apple Watch also records voice snippets
Credits: 9to5Mac

But at last these snippets results in a technical issue. Thus the staffs shouldn’t report about the content. However, it can go to bad hands in future, whistleblower adds.

Apple’s Siri is not the only to record snippets. Alexa and Google assistant do the same to improve their voice assistant.

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