Apple to pay $1 Million to hackers for Bug Bounty Revamping

Apple to give special iPhones and a bigger bug bounty to hackers

Tech giant, Apple has always ensured the security of its customers. Apple devices are aimed at providing a flawless experience to their users. The company announced on Thursday that it would offer a bigger bug bounty to the hackers to detect bugs in iPhones.

Apple to pay $1M to hackers

Apple to give special iPhones to hackers (Source: The Verge)

The tech giant, Apple announced that it would give the bounty amount for two categories:

  • Physical Access Attack- A $1 Million will be paid as bounty to the one who can expose the threat that bypasses an iPhone’s lock screen. The researcher who will discover the major attack that can lead the attacker to gain persistent control of the user’s device.
  • Early Single Attack- In this category, the researcher has to identify the vulnerability in the beta stage as early as possible. This also includes halting the attack at the earliest stage before it attacks a wider audience.

Who all can participate?

So, it’s good news for all as anybody can take part in this. However, in the previous bounties, Apple sent invites to those who could participate. But, this time, whether you are invited or not, the bounty is open for all.

And previously, the reward amount was only focused on iOS. This time, Apple has extended the program for tvOS, WatchOS and MacOS also.

Bug Bounty Revamping

Ivan Krstic at Black Hat USA 2019 (Source: Threatpost)

Apple’s head of security engineering and architecture, Ivan Krstic announced the program at Black Hat security conference. He addressed this as Apple’s initiative to minimize hacking and jailbreaking. And, thus, they have increased the incentives to attract more and more people for their quest.

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