Apple Watch Series 5 – Watch to be less the $200

Apple Watch Series 5 – watch to be less the $200

The Apple Watch Series 5 is all ready to hit the market soon. However, the giant tech company launches Apple watch that is worth for fashion as well as super useful too. The watch previously launched is full of medical equipment like the ECG, for checking the irregular heartbeat. With all these health features this time it is moving further with more excellent features.

Apple Watch Series 5 – watch to be less the $200

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Apple Watch Series 5 is more into health functions

The fifth – generation watch is installed with a sleeping tracker which allows tracking with irregular sleeping habits. From an insider source, the company is also planning to get a smell detector. This detector is capable of sensing poisonous gases that are available in the atmosphere.

However, some more features tend to be inserted but for now it is rumoured. Therefore, one of the upgradations is likely to be done with the screen. Till now, the Apple Watches come with LCD display, but now they are planning to upgrade it with OLED display. Therefore, the new screen is brighter and beautiful. In addition, the OLED technology with its upgrade is thinner and flexible. In terms of the characteristics, the screens will provide fresh design and compatibility.

Apple Watch Series 5 – watch to be less the $200


The price is considered literally low

Moreover, if the price is in consideration and of course it should be. The Cupertino Company is having a much more upgrade than normal. And the major upgrades are basically on the health-related. Therefore, it is rumoured to have a much higher price than its predecessors.

But, this is not the case for the fifth – generation Apple Watch. As from a report by Cnet, the prices are considered to be less than 200 US dollars. However, considering the watch to be more health-focused it has to compete against another health manufacturer. Therefore, to make the sales get a bonus upgrade it is required to keep the price as low.

Apple Watch Series 5 – Watch to be less the $200

And moreover, we can’t even the price to below as 200 US dollars as the Apple series 3 is already on sale for almost 199 US dollars. As per this, the price can be much higher than the presumed amount. The Apple Watch Series 5 will come to the market with watch OS 6 as preinstalled.

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