Apple Will Announce The End Of iTunes Next Week

Apple Will Announce The End Of iTunes Next Week
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Apple will discontinue the iTunes soon. It is time to say goodbye to one of our favourite music apps. It was an entertainment hub for Apple users who could enjoy good movies and music.

Success of iTunes

Apple Will Announce The End Of iTunes Next Week

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Formerly, iTunes was the first app to push the music industry in the digital era. It also helped to decouple albums and songs and commercial products. Also, it sold the songs to more than 400 million iPods.

The End for iTunes is near

iTunes is going to be replaced next week by three separate apps for television, music, and podcasts. The app has served Apple users for nearly two decades. It is sad to hear that iTunes will be no more in use.

Apple to Shut Down iTunes Music Downloads on March 31st, 2019 from technology

As per the reports, Apple owners will declare the end of iTunes at its developer conference. It is going to be held on next Monday. The app will be replaced on laptops, computers and other devices.

When do you think Apple will shut down the iTunes Music Store? from apple

However, the app has already been separated from iPads and iPhones. There are some rumours that the Apple company was looking to end the iTunes and its clunky software. Apple’s new music application will all the device users buy digital songs. This method of consuming music has totally diminished in the streaming era.

Moreover, Apple was finding ways to end mp3 downloads completely. The company was trying to favour the new Apple Music subscription. However, there is no sign that it’s happening or not.

However, iTunes always got mixed reviews from the users when it comes to service. Some are even happy that the app is soon going to be replaced by the new ones. Check out The Geek Herald for more updates.

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