Apple Will Unveil iPhone 12 in September


Apple has been facing difficulties amid this COVID-19 pandemic, as the outbreak disrupts its supply chain in Asia. People start to speculate about a potential delay for iPhone 12, but some sources say Apple will release the smartphone in October.

iPhone 12 Release Date

Apple manufacturers and assembly plants are mostly based in China, the country of the first epicenter of the pandemic. This resulted in lockdowns and forced producers to stop production for a few weeks, impacting North American-based technology companies.

Apple has not discussed the effects of the pandemic when it comes to its expected hardware launch this year. But some sources have argued that the tech giant has faced several obstacles in trying to sustain its timetable for iPhone 12 growth.

However, Wedbush Securities analysts have recently noted (via 9To5Mac) that supply chain operations have returned to normal faster than expected. As a result, it reportedly allowed Apple to gain more control over the launch timeline of the iPhone 12.

Analysts now claim that Apple is going to deliver a keynote address to unveil the iPhone 12 series sometime in September. But tech fans should not expect all or most iPhone 12 models to be available immediately.

Wedbush says that Apple will use the same approach as the iPhone X and the iPhone XR. Both smartphone lineups were released in September in their respective years but did not appear in stores until the following months. In the case of the iPhone 12, analysts expect Apple to start selling it by October.


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