Arcade1up presents limited edition Marvel Super Heroes Arcade Cabinet

Marvel Super Heroes Arcade Cabinet

Arcade1up, the company responsible for bringing us those sweet looking retro arcade game cabinets has launched Marvel Super Heroes Arcade Cabinet. That being said, the companies’ latest offering is marking 80 years of Marvel Entertainment.

Arcade1up Marvel Super Heroes Cabinet

The Marvel Super Heroes cabinet stands under 4ft and is available for pre-order as we speak. Only 8,000 units of this special edition cabinet will be ever made.

If you think Arcade1up’s cabinet are old-school, better think again! The cabinet will come with a light-up marquee, state of the art stereo speakers and feature the high-end Sanwa buttons and joysticks.

Arcade1up presents limited edition Marvel Super Heroes Arcade Cabinet

Marvel Super Heroes Arcade Cabinet

The Marvel Super Heroes cabinet with three games out of the box:

  • Marvel Super Heroes
  • The Punisher
  • X-Men Children of the Atom

The cabinet will cost you $399 and will feature “exclusive artwork”, along with a special edition riser and Marvel’s certificate of authenticity.

The Marvel Super Heroes game teleports you back to 1995, where you will have to battle multiple villains to get hold of Infinity Stones and ultimately battle Thanos himself!

Arcade1up presents limited edition Marvel Super Heroes Arcade Cabinet

What else is coming up?

The Arcade1up Cabinet will hit the markets later this year. At E3 2019, Arcade1up unveiled their 4-player Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle cabinet alongside a Star Wars arcade cabinet.

McIntosh also talked about the improvements the company will bring to the new products. He said that the next generation of cabinets will have redesigned joystick which will use non-levered microswitches as well as hemispherical pivots and smoother gates.

In order to offer a smoother experience and a quicker reset, the spacing of components is all set to undergo an overhaul. The buttons will now come with centred microswitches, precision plungers and cylinders. The new machines will include a protective cover for the control panel.

Are you excited for the new limited-edition cabinet? Go get it now from before stock runs out!

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