Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning help shrimp, vegetable farmers reap good harvest

Artificial Intelligence, machine learning help shrimp, vegetable farmers reap good harvest
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Artificial Intelligence and the machine is now helping farmers grow good crops. The technology has now made an entry into agriculture and aquaculture farms to benefit the farmers.

Moreover, the Artificial Intelligence machine will surely help the farmers in cutting down their labour while farming. Now, it will not only help to reap vegetables but also catch shrimps in some states.

It is all possible because of companies like Akebono Smart Farming Pvt Ltd, Bengaluru as well as the city-based CARI. Vegetable and shrimp farmers can increase their yield, boost their profits and have better market access.

AI, machine learning help shrimp, vegetable farmers reap good harvest

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Statement of aquaculture practitioner V. Geetha and Arul Prakash

V. Geetha said that before using an AI app, they used to note down the data in a book. However, they were unable to find whether the shrimps were over or underfed. An engineering graduate Arul Prakash also stated that overfeeding the shrimps increased the water cost.

Moreover, he has been working with CARI for 6 months. Plus, the company is now taking proper care of water quality inspections in the pond. Also, Arul is able to find all the required information on his mobile.

How AI and machine learning can transform agriculture and help tackle hunger from MLQuestions

Is Artificial Intelligence useful for aquaculture and agriculture?

The machine has helped to reduce the cost of feeding shrimps. Now, everything is being digitized and made easy for the farmers. Moreover, the machine also helps the farmer to detect the risks of a disease outbreak from the information attained from other ponds.

The AI is helping in 750 ponds in locations like Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Odisha, and Gujarat. In agriculture, the machine is helping farmers in Nilgiris district of Tamil Nadu. The farmers can now collect data points like photographs, soil tests, and store weather records.

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