AT&T 5G E vs Verizon vs T-Mobile 4G: Is AT&T cheating people?


Last Friday, OpenSignal clearly mentioned and falsified the misleading news for AT&T 5G E network. Rather than being the fastest technology with LTE support, it lagged behind the 4G network of Verizon and T-Mobile services.

The speeds are not even equal. The so called 5G evolution by AT&T services is just a fake news.

AT&T 5G E Story

AT&T claims about its 5G evolution 2017 that

5G evolution is our first step on the road to 5G. We’re starting by enabling faster speeds on our existing LTE network – upto 2X faster than standard LTE

AT&T 5G E Network is Even Slower than Verizon and T-Mobile 4G Network


It had made statements about the faster speeds 5G E network is going to give and the efficient data transmission. But all these claims were wrong, as per the reports of OpenSignal. AT&T service has fooled the customers in the name of 5G speeds. The smartphones that use AT&T indicating “5G E” on their panel is just a fake logo.

OpenSignal clarifies the real thing

OpenSignal in its reports clarifies that AT&T 5G E is not real. It had just updated some features of its 4G LTE network and named it as 5G E. Many other carriers also provide the same features like 256 QAM and 4X4 MMO but they truely call it as advanced 4G LTE. While AT&T renamed it as 5G E misleading the customers with fake ideas.

AT&T 5G E is slower than Verizon and T-Mobile 4G

OpenSignal compared the services of AT&T with those of Verizon and T-Mobile by speed tests. As a result, AT&T was found slightly slower than the other two. Average speed of AT&T was 28.8 Mbps, while that of Verizon and T-Mobile were 29.9 mbps and 29.4 mbps respectively. AT&T had just marketed the name of 5G, providing the slightly advanced 4G LTE network behind.

Apart from this, AT&T had many claims earlier regarding the network. Later they all came up as fake news.

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