AT&T is invading user privacy: Here’s how

AT&T is invading user privacy

According to recent reports, an AT&T service technician claims that the company is invading the user’s privacy. According to him, the company’s iPad app maps the interiors of their customers’ homes even without their knowledge.

The issue

According to the technician, the app collects the data about the user’s type and location of the home. It is then coupled together with their name and address. He claims that from the beginning of the year, more than 1,000 houses of Houston area have already been invaded and mapped by the company.

Another installer of the company asked to stay anonymous. And, told that in this way, they are invading people’s privacy even without their knowledge. He also said that the technicians are asked to use the app in customer’s homes while installing internet services. Also, this is mandatory for all the technicians, and they have no say in this decision.

AT&T firmly denies the claim

However, AT&T has not agreed for an on-camera interview. But, the company adamantly denied the allegations.

Assistant Vice President, Corporate Communications, Jim Greer gave the following statement:

To meet the customer’s expectations, the technician checks the signals in every part of their home. And that too, with their consent.
From this testing, they only get access to information about the generic room name, the signal strength of WiFi, and the date of testing.

He also added,

This way, they advise the customer the best place to place the equipment. He also ensured that this data is not sold to third parties. Also, the app is for surveying customer’s valuable feedback.

Mapping is a not big deal!

According to Christopher Bronk, assistant professor at the University of Houston, mapping was not at all a big deal. He also stated that even 5G technology would require the complete layouts of interiors of homes.

The Internet Service Providers will have comprehensive knowledge about the interiors to ensure the best place for equipment. Thus, mapping is not a big deal. It is the necessity of future technology.

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