Attack on Titan 136 Spoilers, Plot Predictions: Eren, Armin and Annie Playing Key Role In The Upcoming Chapter

Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan Chapter 136 is now coming to a close. The anime began not too long ago, people are now ready for the new episode. Chapter 136 is probably going to feature Annie and Armin. And what is Eren going to do? As there’s a difference of goals between Eren and Ymir.

Attack On Titan Chapter 136 Plot Predictions

Fans want to see Eren’s thought process on the most recent attack. A lot has happened in that attack. The Cart Titan has been stopped and completely nullified, and so is the Colossus Titan. The only three titans left now are the Jaw Titan, the Female Titan and the Armor Titan. Also, Reiner almost got taken out. They are at a huge disadvantage now.

Another thing to note was that the Cart Titan was willing to blow Eren off. Meanwhile, Ymir was out to trap Armin. Ymir knows something or could be threatened by Armin’s existence. Everything that Eren is doing is falling in the direct path of destiny. Everything is already kind of preplanned. What is supposed to happen will happen! There is no changing it.

Ymir mostly has some plans with Armin, that could unfold in the next chapter. Additionally, Eren could reveal his opinions about what happened. It’s dangerous to leave Armin and Cart Titan behind, even though they are heavily outmatched. They could possibly be killed. Eren may not kill Armin but he has no attachment to Pieck whatsoever. So she might go.

Annie And Armin Could Be Play A Major Role

There could be an interaction between Eren and Armin at some point. This could be important to both their plans and Armin could make the decision whether to take Eren out. Annie could be playing a major part in this. She could use her full extent of Female Titan’s powers. That power could be the key element that binds everything together. Eren, Armin and Annie are probably going to be the major players in the upcoming chapter. Mikasa may even get a chance eventually.

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