Attack on Titan Chapter 132 Release Date, Spoilers: Eren to Redeem himself in the Finale


Popular among the fans, Hajime Isayama’s manga series is nearing its end. Fans are keeping a close eye on the release of the final chapters of the series. ‘Attack on Titan’ chapter 132 is all set to release in September.

All about the release date

As per the tradition, a new chapter is released every month until and unless there is some delay. The fans are fortunate to get a regular dose of the “Attack on Titan” chapter 132.

According to the Attack on Titan Twitter page, the final chapters are set to release on 9 September i.e. Wednesday in Japan. Considering the varying time zones, fans in different time zones may be able to get their hands on the final chapters on different date and time.

Those who are waiting eagerly for its release must keep a close watch on the official channels where the English versions of the new issues are available. The final chapters will be available on Amazon, Crunchyroll and Comixology.

“Attack on Titan” chapter 132 near its end

We already know that it is going to be one of the series’ final chapters. The events in the story now are way different from the ones at the beginning.

The main protagonist Eren Yeager has now turned into the villain of the entire humanity. However, the views of the fans about Eren are ever changing. In chapter 131, Eren was seen crying to the refugee boys as he was aware that he had to kill them eventually. It is unclear if Eren will get to redeem himself towards the end or not. Meanwhile, fans also got to see Armin recall the world he and Eren dreamed to have since childhood.

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