Attack On Titan Chapter 135 Plot Predictions, Release Date, Raw Scans, Latest News

Attack on Titan Chapter 135

Attack on Titan will most likely finish its storyline with the Chapter 135. Eren is probably going to cause a massive destruction that will be the death of too many. Zeke is also expected to make an appearance in the imminent chapter. Eren will also make Attack Titan and War Hammer so that all the original Titans fight in one place.

War Hammer AoT

Additionally, Eren may be seen holding Zeke as a hostage in one of the parts of his body. Eren has created a puppet Titan that he is controlling. There could be a mental battle between them in the upcoming chapter and it can somehow disrupt Eren in physical form.

The former protagonist will exhibit a plethora of his Titan talents, thus displaying what they’ll accomplish that he can use as time goes on.

Eren Yaeger

Some Recap On Chapter 134

Attack on Titan manga is on the brink of war, the chapter begins with Historia giving birth. All the wall titans start killing everyone and the rest of the people who try to escape end up falling over the ledge.

All of a sudden, the airships arrive and starting bombing the titans. However, Beast titan emerges from the founding titan’s spine and swings debris at the airships causing them to explode to due carrying bombs. The Beast titan single-handedly takes down the entire frontline squad of airships.

And suddenly, a ray of hope appears. The Survey corps arrive on a plane that’s low on fuel. They somehow manage to make a combined squad jump as Armin screams Beast titan to be their foremost target.

Beast Titan

After the squad jumps a flash of bright lightning is seen, Reiner Braun shifts into the Armoured titan epically.

Pieck also transforms into the cart titan and the survey corps land on the Founding Titan’s Spine. Thus, starts the most epic battle in the history of Attack on Titan.

Chapter 135 will most likely pick up directly from the last scenes of the last chapter. We will get to witness some action between the Armored Titan and the Beast Titan.

Release Date And Raw Scans Of Attack On Titan Chapter 135

The new chapters are usually released on the ninth day of every month. Chapter 135 is expected to be out on December 9. However, the raw scans are expected 4-5 days before its release.

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