Attack on Titan Chapter 135 Update: Plot Predictions; Release Date; Where To Read The Manga?

Attack on Titan Chapter 135

Attack on Titan Chapter 135 is coming closer gradually. The work on this chapter is reportedly accomplished and the installment is ‘ready’. Thus, it is safe to say that fans need not worry about the release of the chapter. It shall arrive shortly. The official Twitter page recently announced that the imminent chapter is complete and ready for publication.

Attack on Titan Chapter 135

Plot Predictions For Attack on Titan Chapter 135

The upcoming chapter will see Survey Corps getting ready to bring Eren down after he turned out to be a major villain. Eren is very powerful and has the ability to wipe out the entire humanity. Zeke is also expected to make an appearance in this chapter.

The alliance Titans will not hold back and may even try to kill Eren in the next chapter, if he is not accessible for negotiation. The upcoming chapter will show Eren having a plethora of Titan controlling powers. Additionally, in the previous chapter, we had seen Historia giving birth to a baby. Therefore, this chapter can focus more on the new-born child.

The imminent chapter is likely to pick up from the events where Chapter 134 left off. Thus, fans may see the battle between the Armored Titan and the Beast Titan. The manga could also show the Survey Corps attempting to carry out their plan that is centered on neutralizing the Beast Titan.

This chapter is the commencement of a new volume and there is no way that will be left unfinished. There are many things that still need to be resolved and it can’t happen in a single chapter.


Where and When Will The Manga Be Available?

You can read Chapter 135 for free on Amazon, Comixology, Crunchyroll and Kodansha Comics websites. It is always better to read the manga chapters from the official sources. The latest chapter is expected to be released on Wednesday, 9th December, 2020.

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