Attack on Titan Chapter 136 Spoilers, Raw Scans, Release Date, Plot Predictions and Latest Update; Is This The Final Chapter?

Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan Chapter 136 is closer to release than you’d think. However, even a single day of waiting is excruciating. Hence, fans are now dropping different theories about the upcoming chapter. Nevertheless, is it true that it will be the final installment to the series?

Levi Attack on Titan

Plot Predictions For Attack On Titan Chapter 136

There are too many assumptions surrounding the next chapter. There are also theories that this chapter will be the manga’s final installment. Indeed, the series will end soon, and there will be only a few chapters left, but it will not close in Chapter 136.

There are still a lot of plotlines that the manga is yet to tackle, so it is quite impossible that it will end as early as next month. These assumptions that the anime will conclude in this chapter are due to the volume numbers. It also has something to do with the Titan life expectancy. Also, Eren is still missing from the manga panels. As there is no way that the storyline will continue without him, it is not the end yet. Fans may also soon see him in the upcoming installments.

In the previous chapter, “Battle of Heaven and Earth”, Annie and the Winged Titan rescued Mikasa, Levi, and the other comrades. They are now planning to rescue Armin from the Titans’ clutches.

Armin might already be a “goner,” and his death might soon come. Also, Ymir is now known for being one of the antagonists after letting out the pigs, changing how fans thought of her as an “innocent and tortured little girl.”

Hence, she may have a more sinister role in the Rumbling. She may be the culprit that controls Eren’s actions, and she may also kill off Armin, knowing she is in control of the Ancient Titans.

Ymir may no doubt do it to warn the rest of the forces to back off. The imminent chapter might focus on Armin and how Levi and his group will handle Paradis and Rumbling’s situation.

Release Date, Leaks And Where To Watch

Chapter 136 is set to be out on Saturday, January 9, 2021. Spoilers are expected to be out in the first week of January 2021, along with the scan leaks. It can be read on Viz Media, MangaPlus, and Shonen Jump’s official websites and platforms.

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