Attack on Titan Chapter 136: What Will Happen With The Main Characters? Plot Predictions And Discussions

Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan final volume is releasing in either May or June.
The story will end either on Chapter 138 or 139. Just three or four more chapters left now. With the end now in sight, there are going to be some big reveals and character deaths soon. How Hajime Isayama will surprise us with the next twist in the story is to be seen. It could have something to do with a certain scene that was added to the premiere of the anime’s final season.

Falco’s Dream In Attack On Titan

When Falco is recovering from his probable concussion, he tells Gabi, Udo and Zofia that he dreamed he was flying around with swords, fighting Titans.
This could mean he would eventually use his Jaw Titan to fly but the one thing that doesn’t make sense is Falco having swords. This makes it much more likely that he is experiencing a Scout’s memories. It could be Freckled Ymir’s, since Falco gains her Jaw Titan but Falco could only be able to access them after he gained the Titan.

As a matter of fact, the only known Titan Shifter who can access memories throughout space and time is the Attack Titan, which is currently in possession of Eren. Could this mean that Falco will eat Eren at the end, becoming the next Attack Titan? Also, Eren had a memory shard of Falco in Chapter 130. That was way before they even meet.

What Happens to Armin and Pieck?

Chapter 135 saw Armin and Pieck being left behind on Eren’s gigantic Titan form, with the both of them in life threatening situations. Pieck is one of the few characters who doesn’t really have an arc or a connection to many of the main characters so her death feels pretty likely.

armin attack on titan

Armin could probably survive the hentai situation he’s in. He’s the narrator of the story. There could be a simple way for him to transform into his Colossal Titan to escape. This simple way being Annie’s ring. Talks are that, after their romantic talk in Chapter 131, Annie gave Armin her ring to protect him. Therefore, with his mouth now covered by the hentai Titan to prevent him transforming, Armin could use Annie’s ring to cut his finger and transform.

Armin could also try talking to Ymir. She is the one allowing Eren to continue the Rumbling so, if Armin can convince her to stop, then the battle will be won. And if the talk no jutsu fails, then Armin may have to go to their last resort of stopping Eren, potentially killing him. That’s where the explosives come in.

Who Detonates Chekov’s Explosives?

Before being impaled by the Warhammer Titan, Pieck barely managed to wrap the explosives taken from the Jaegerists around the neck of Eren’s Titan form. There is a panel of the detonator after Pieck is stabbed, so it is likely going to be important in the next chapter.

Pieck is the one who is closest and this could be how she ends up dying, sacrificing herself to try and stop Eren. Even if Pieck isn’t the one who detonates the explosives, she would probably play a major role in it.
Since Gabi is probably the only character left with a well established connection to Pieck, and she’s a great shot, maybe Pieck will hold up the explosives for Gabi to shoot.

Pieck AoT

Whatever happens to Pieck, and whoever detonates the explosives, it’s highly doubtful that Eren will be killed. He’s too smart to just hide out in his nape. He is most likely elsewhere, hiding using the power of the Warhammer Titan, along with Zeke. So, if Pieck does die detonating the explosives, it could tragically be all for nothing.

Levi’s Plight On Attack On Titan

Levi has been through hell both physically and emotionally. Not only has he lost his last remaining friend from the old Scouts, Hange, but Zeke exploding the Thunder Spear has left him extremely wounded. His situation worsened when his leg was bitten by a Titan while he was trying to save Connie, most likely breaking it.

Levi Attack on Titan

Not only this but Levi is likely bleeding internally, as evidenced by him coughing up blood shortly before getting his leg bitten.
Levi is pretty much in no shape to fight now. Any more fighting is most likely going to result in his death at this point. At least we know he won’t die until he has his final confrontation with Zeke. Although we cannot say what will happen after that.

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