Attack on Titan Chapter 136 Release Date, Where To Watch; Hajime Isayama Is Yet To Announce The Time Frame For The Manga

Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan Chapter 136 has fans wanting to know how humanity is going to go against the unbeatable founding titan. Spoilers and leaks for the preceding chapter have already revealed everything there is to know about it.

Attack on Titan

Release Date For Attack on Titan Chapter 136

Attack on Titan Chapter 136 is to be released on January 9, 2021. Any changes in the current release date will be updated according to official news. As we all know, 2021 has a number of manga chapters that are going to blow us away. AOT’s final animated season is out and has got an incredible response from fans. At this rate, when the anime watchers reach the manga timeline, they are going to get the shock of their lives. The Attack on Titan manga is only about 1% -2% of the series remaining to be completed, the manga is now in its final stages.

Where to read Attack on Titan Chapter 136?

Chapter 136 will be available to read on Kodansha Comics, alike all the previous chapters. Please read the manga on the official websites provided. The use of illegal websites is strongly condemned.

Attack on Titan 136

Spoilers and Leaks

Chapter 136 spoilers and raw analysis are not yet available. The previous chapter has just been released and the fans have already gone mad because there is no way to defeat the Founding Titan. What strategy will they come up with next? Is Armin still alive? Can Reiner become the Armored Titan once? Is Levi going to die? Has Mikasa gone mad? – Hopefully we’ll find the answers to all these questions in the imminent chapter.

AoT Chapter 136

Meanwhile, Hajime Isayama is yet to announce when the manga will officially end, but it may only run until volume 34. If this happens, then the manga only has three chapters to drop, including Attack on Titan Chapter 136, before its story officially closes.

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