Attack on Titan Chapter 137 Spoilers, Release Date And Latest Update; Armin To Learn The Truth And Devise A New Plan

Attack on titan

Attack on Titan Chapter 137 will probably be dedicating a huge portion of itself to Annie and Armin. The two characters have a lot more than just blooming love going on between them. As for Eren, he has been missing for the last few chapters now and no one knows where his body is (or if he even has a body).

Armin Learns The Truth

In Chapter 137, Zeke will be seen explaining to Armin about the titan powers and how he can stop Eren from rumbling. The upcoming chapter will be featuring a brief talk between Armin and Zeke, as he unravels the real truth and other things that happened in the Path. And only Zeke and Eren knew about it. After learning new things and the real property of the Path, he will devise a plan and find a way to free out from there with Zeke’s help.

Armin is the guy who thinks very fast and wields the Colossal titan. He is Eren’s best friend and is expected to have a huge role in the final showdown. The plot will revolve around how Armin will use his intellect in order to find a method to stop the rumbling and how Annie is confident that she will be able to rescue Armin in time.

Armin will understand the composition and rules of the path, which connects all Eldians. He will learn to use the sand present there to mend bodies and make things. Armin will issue a new order to the new force as the current Survey Corps Commander. Annie, coupled with Mikasa and Peick, will finally reach the founding Titan’s nape. 

Attack On Titan Chapter 137 Release Date

Chapter 137 will be released in the 2nd week of February 2021. All characters are taking their own time pondering on their decisions and their results up till now. It’s going to be a mega-important chapter next month, especially with regards to Levi. He will most likely take action as hinted from his recent stream of thoughts of his past with Erwin.

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