Attack on Titan Chapter 137 Summary And Detailed Spoilers; Latest News On Raw Scans Leaks And Release Date

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Attack on Titan Chapter 137 spoilers are finally out. Entire fandom is shocked. Some of the spoilers are pretty unexpected. However, there are no raws or leaks yet to support these spoilers. So, there could be some inconsistencies.

Attack on Titan Chapter 137 Summary

Spoilers reveal almost the entire summary. The story starts with Armin and Zeke having a conversation about the meaning of life and memory in the Paths. Zeke thinks the purpose of men being born to this world is to simply live, mate, reproduce and die. But Armin picks up a leaf which represents the memory of EMA’s childhood, claiming that memories like this does not do any good to reproduction, yet they are not meaningless.

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The leaf, which Zeke sees as a baseball from his view, also brings up the memory of the catch ball game he played with Kushava and Eren. Indeed these memories does not benefit reproduction, but he would rather keep playing catch ball.

Meanwhile, many of the deceased appeared in the background – Porco, Ymir (104th), Grisha, Kushava, Bertholdt, Marcel, etc, with the founding Ymir standing aside them. Both Zeke and Armin asked them for help.

Outside the Path, Annie and Reiner are ganged up by Titans and in grave danger. Then Bertholdt assisted Annie and Galliard Bros assisted Reiner. The previous Titans including Kushava being a Sheep Beast Titan help the alliance and everyone is shocked to see that.

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Gabi and Mikasa saves Armin from the Okapi Titan, from its mouth, by sniping his eyes and ending him with a finishing blow. Zeke figures out that the Rumbling can be stopped and agreed to sacrifice himself. So, he emerges out from the Founding Titan and waves to Levi, commenting on what a beautiful day it is to die.

Most shocking part of the spoilers was that Levi decapitates Zeke and the rumbling finally stops. Jean rushes to the head of the Founding Titan and blasts off his head from the spine. The spine part tries to attach back, but Reiner stops it as his armored Titan can withstand the detonation. This chapter ends with an explosion on the Founding Titan.

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Release Date And Where To Read Manga Legally

Chapter 137 will release on February 9, as per the official manga sources. Fans can read the manga for free on Crunchyroll, Comixology, Amazon and Kodansha Comics website and app, which are the official publishers for the manga series.

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