Attack on Titan Chapter 137 Theory: Eren To Sacrifice Himself And Save Armin; Release Date And Where To Read Online For Free

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Attack on Titan Chapter 137 is almost here. Fans are really excited, as the end is near and the manga still has a lot of storylines to wrap up. It has been confirmed by creator Hajime Isayama that the manga series will end on Chapter 139. Most of the fans are sure that the final chapter will be some sort of epilogue and hence most of the action will take place in Attack on Titan 137 and 138 chapter.

Eren hasn’t been seen from his POV in a while now. Thus, we might see him soon. Hopefully, the next chapter will reveal what he is up to. Armin meeting Zeke in the Paths has some sort of deeper meaning behind and it will be clear soon. There is a new theory that says that the imminent chapter will show Eren eating Armin’s Titan to free him from his shackles after the death.

Attack on Titan Chapter 137 Theories

Spoilers for the new chapter might explain the motive of Eren to start the Rumbling. And also, why he wants to do a mass genocide over the world. Everyone thinks that Eren is being mind-controlled by Ymir but the reality can be totally different after all. There are many fan theories that says that Eren is trying to stop Ymir from getting all the Titan shifters powers and take it for himself and then destroy it somehow.

It makes sense that Eren said he won’t take away the freedom from his friends and give them a chance to fight. But that means the alliance members will horrible deaths and that should not be the end goal of Eren. So, this chapter might reveal that Eren is ensuring the freedom of Armin and his other friends in death.

The age of Titan has to end for the future generation. And sacrificing a few lives in the present is a gamble, that Eren has decided to make. Armin could already be dead. And the Paths is where the Titan shifters go after their deaths. Eren will slowly eat Armin and all the Titan shifters and take all their powers. Then he could either go into hiding or kill himself so that the Titan powers are eliminated from the world.

Release Date And Where To Read Manga

Chapter 137 will release on February 9, as per the official manga sources. Fans can read the chapter for free on Crunchyroll, Comixology, Amazon and Kodansha Comics website and app, which are the official publishers for the manga series.

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