Attack on Titan Chapter 138 Official Spoilers, Discussion And Review; Mikasa To Play A Major Role

Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan Chapter 138 Spoilers are here, at last. And good news is that, this time they are official. The Japanese manga series, written and illustrated by Hajime Isayama, is set in a world where humanity lives inside cities surrounded by enormous walls. Those walls protect city dwellers from gigantic man-eating humanoids referred to as Titans.

The story has now come a long way and the characters have developed beyond recognition or comparison. The beloved series is now finally coming to an end. Fans have been speculating left, right and center the past month. But now, seeing the genuine spoilers and leaks, fans have their mouths wide open and are stunned speechless.

Attack on Titan Chapter 138 Spoilers And Discussion

  • Gabi hugs her parents, Pieck and Annie see their fathers.
  • Reiner falls to the ground again, Colossal Titan Armin walks towards Reiner.
  • An explosion occurs behind Armin, it’s a long-haired Colossal Titan Eren.
  • Two of them fight, and Eren defeats Armin.
  • Then, a massive amount of Eren-Mikasa memories are shown.
  • Mikasa and Levi ride Falco.
  • Mikasa wraps the scarf around herself, and the two of them land above Eren.
  • Levi helps crush the Colossal Titan’s teeth for Mikasa to enter.
  • Eren looks at Mikasa, Miaksa beheads him.
  • Mikasa kisses the lips of the decapitated head.
  • Founder Ymir is spectating beside of them.

Eren Titan

Seeing this kind of an ending is a downer for AoT fans. As Eren-Mikasa-Armin are never going to talk again. Also, Eren and Mikasa never got to talk alone. As a result, Mikasa never got to confess. Mikasa was only ever able to make a move on Eren after he’s dead. And that is just kind of hurting beyond words.

Similarly, Eren never could apologize to Mikasa. Never actually getting to know Eren’s feelings while he stood against the whole of humanity and fought with his friends was a complete disappointment. With one last chapter remaining, fans can still hope that there could be more. Maybe something by The Paths’ magic Eren appears in some way, hopefully.

Attack on Titan

Release Date And Where To Read

Chapter 138 is set to come on 9th March 2021. All chapters are available to read on the official websites, Kodansha ComicsCrunchyroll. We recommend you to watch and read Anime and Manga from official sites. As it provides accurate and better translations and subs.

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