Attack on Titan Chapter 138 Real Spoilers, Release Date; Read Manga Online; Everything Comes To An End

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Attack on Titan Chapter 138 real spoilers are finally out now. Some leaks have been doing rounds for the last few weeks. These “major” spoilers and leaks described a lot of shocking and unexpected turn of events, in great detail. However, many readers believed those leaks to be fake.

Despite some fans having ambiguity whether to believe those spoilers or not, a lot of discussions took place about the possibilities of those events, on various social media platforms. But now these speculations can rest in peace, as the wait has come to end, at last. The official spoilers for the penultimate chapter are here.

Attack on Titan Chapter 138 Spoilers

Gabi hugs her parents. Meanwhile, Pieck and Annie see their fathers. Also, when Reiner falls to the ground again, Colossal Titan Armin walks towards him. Immediately, an explosion occurs behind Armin, it’s a long-haired Colossal Titan Eren. And that is followed by the much-awaited Armin and Eren face-off. The two of them fight, with Eren obviously gaining the upper hand. 

Attack on Titan

Then, a massive amount of Eren-Mikasa memories are shown. Next, we see Mikasa and Levi riding Falco. Mikasa wraps the scarf around herself, and the two of them land above Eren. Levi helps crush the Colossal Titan’s teeth for Mikasa to enter. That’s when Eren looks at Mikasa, and the very next minute Mikasa beheads him. And finally, Mikasa kisses the lips of the decapitated head.

In the end, Founder Ymir is spectating everything from beside of them. Only the final chapter can now tell how things will finally end for this manga.

Attack on Titan

Release Date And Where To Read Manga Online

Chapter 138 release date for official English version is March 9th, 2021. And fans can read it online from the following manga platforms.

  • Amazon
  • Comixology
  • Crunchyroll
  • Kodansha Comics

Attack on Titan Chapter 138 Official Spoilers, Discussion And Review; Mikasa To Play A Major Role

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