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Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan chapter 138 is the second to last chapter of the manga series. Everything has been leading to this point. As for the Final chapter i.e., Chapter 139, 9th April will be the day this 11-year journey comes to the end. Fans are surprised with these unconfirmed spoilers. And many are not satisfied with the way things have turned out. The next chapter couldn’t be out any sooner.

Attack On Titan Chapter 138 Spoilers And Summary

Panel starts with the alliance riding Falco as the Founder’s remains lie on he floor. all of the wall colossals are halted. Reiner comes out of his nape, alliance saves him and helps him into Falco’s titan. Alliance discusses about how Eren’s body was nowhere to be seen. They suggest that it might have been destroyed along with the Founder’s nape, but Armin disagrees.

Armin explains how there were two strings, similar to the Warhammer Titan’s, which connected the Founder’s head, spine and lower half together. They realise that string did not end at the Founder’s tail, but kept going to the same direction Paradis stood.

Attack on Titan Chapter 138

Panel cuts to Eren inside a crystal as Armin understands that it was all a plan and they fell for it. Eren had planned Zeke’s death, and the defeat of the Founder. The crystal he was in slowly melts as he comes out making his way to where Historia currently gave birth. Alliance is now heading towards Paradis to stop Eren from using Historia’s baby to activate the Rumbling once more.

Panle shifts to Yelena and Kiyomi conversing on how it would all end if they don’t manage to stop Eren. Yelena looks up to see Falco’s titan zooming off in the distance.

Eren arrives at where Historia was, killing the bystanders and the farmer. Historia screams in despair, before Eren walks up to her. He claims he needs the baby’s power to activate the Rumbling once more, and that if she disobeyed he would kill them both. Eren tries to touch the baby, but Historia slaps his hand away. Almost instantly after, Historia is thrown out of her bed. And Eren grasps the baby, re-activating the Rumbling. Chapter ends with the wall titans re-awakening.

Attack on Titan

Release Date And Where To Read

Chapter 138 is set to come on 9th March 2021. All chapters are available to read on the official websites, Kodansha ComicsCrunchyroll. We recommend you to watch and read Anime and Manga from official sites. As it provides accurate and better translations and subs.

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