Attack on Titan Chapter 138 Spoilers, Theories, Release Date And Where To Read Manga Online

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Attack on Titan Chapter 138 spoilers will be out within a week. There are already multiple leaks. However, none of the spoilers have been confirmed so far. Hajime Isayama is most probably still finishing up drawing the manga panels and the mangaka will soon announce that chapter 138 manuscript is ready and submitted to the publishers.

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Attack on Titan Chapter 138 Spoilers and Theories

Theories suggest that there will be a lot of main character deaths in the manga storyline. Since it is the penultimate chapter in the manga series, all the shocks and surprises will happen in this chapter, for sure. Chapter 139 is the final installment in the manga series. And it will simply conclude things in the form of an epilogue.

Levi is badly injured and he might not survive till the end. Also Levi’s goal to kill Zeke and stop the Rumbling has been achieved, so he can finally die in peace. Reiner has also jumped in the explosions to kill the Founder Titan and it won’t be a surprise if the manga shows his death. The upcoming chapter could also show the death of Yelena as she won’t be able to handle the pain after Zeke’s death. Connie, Pieck, Falco and Gabi are also on the death list, although they might somehow survive the war.

Attack On Titan Levi

Most of the Chapter 138 theories are divided on the fate of Eren as the main character dying has a lot of impact on the storyline. Although, if somehow Eren dies it will happen around the end of the manga series and not in chapter 138.

Release Date And Where To Read Manga Online

Chapter 138 release date for official English version in March 9th, 2021. And fans can read it online from the following manga platforms.

  • Amazon
  • Comixology
  • Crunchyroll
  • Kodansha Comics

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