Attack On Titan Chapter 138 Theories And Discussion; Release Date And Where To Read Manga Online

Attack On Titan

Attack on Titan chapter 138 is the second to last chapter of the manga series. Everything has been leading to this point. And speculations are that it will feature a final confrontation between Eren and Armin.

Armin and Eren have been best friends since childhood. Armin is the one who set Eren on his current path, teaching him about the outside world. And now they have to face each other with intention of destroying the other. How much worse can a friendship get?

Attack On TItan

Social media and discussion forums are abuzz with leaks, theories and speculations. The manga is about to end and fans are hoping and praying for a satisfying finale.

Attack On Titan Chapter 138 Theories And Discussion

Fans have been posting on Youtube and Reddit about how things may end for the manga. Here are some of the popular speculations–

Attack On Titan

Armin nukes the founding titan parasite. the bird representing Falco and the Alliance. Someone is crystallized and it looks like a man by the shadows. Eren breaks the crystal. Eren uncrystallizes. Also, in the shadows, a baby is being handed to someone. It could be Eren and Historia. So Eren grabs the baby and reactivates the rumbling.

Rumbling continues until everything outside paradise is destroyed. he remaining people including Annie’s father and Reiner’s mother are killed. Some of the alliance will die too. Rumbling is over. Paradise is safe, outside world is destroyed.

People of paradise start to colonize the outside world. And the curse of Ymir is destroyed. Meanwhile, once everything is over, Eren holds the baby and says “You are free”.

Release Date And Where To Read

Chapter 138 is set to come on 9th March 2021. Since the manga chapter is released on the 9th of every month, we can expect the same for chapter 138. As for the Final chapter i.e., Chapter 139, 9th April will be the day this 11-year journey comes to the end.

All chapters are available to read on the official websites, Kodansha ComicsCrunchyroll. We recommend you to watch and read Anime and Manga from official sites. As it provides accurate and better translations and subs.

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