Attack on Titan Chapter 139 Leaks, Detailed Spoilers And Release Date; Armin Meets Eren, Eren Meets Ymir

Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan Chapter 139 leaks and spoilers are out already. And fans are wondering if they are real or fake. Recently, there have been very stringent crackdowns on leaks, in Japan. As a result, there were no leaks at times, off late. However, this time due to the usual credibility of the sources, the leaks prove to be very much real.

Attack on Titan Chapter 139 Spoilers

Thanks to Zekken’s summary, spoilers for the final chapter of AoT are now available. Here are the short and detailed spoilers for the manga finale–

  • Eren pulls Armin into paths and shows him memories to explain things, although it’s not clear what.
  • They have a fist fight by the water, and Armin wins. They then fall down looking at the water and hug before saying goodbye.
  • Armin wakes up and runs over to the crying Mikasa.
  • Pure titans return to humans, everyone is okay.
  • Reiner hugs Karina. According to the summary, only mom and son hugging was mentioned. However, it’s pretty much clear cut about whom the summary is talking.
  • Levi sees the dead scouts and Hange.
  • Jean and Connie see Sasha smiling at them
  • Armin dealt with the final problem. We are yet to learn what that would be.
  • Mikasa takes the head and starts heading somewhere, popular guess is the fort.

Attack on Titan

Detailed Story And Spoiler

Eren wakes up in the Paths and meets Ymir. Ymir and Eren have a debate about whether or not humanity deserves to survive. Eren says that even if the world can be cruel, his friends prove the goodness of humanity in impossible odds. This enrages Ymir, and she wraps him up in chains before striking him with a bolt of lightning. Ymir suddenly collapses, unconscious.

Armin enters the Paths again and confronts Eren at a riverbank. Armin and Eren have a fistfight, which Armin wins, pushing Eren into the water. Eren tells Armin that the only way to win is to kill him, and hands him a knife. Armin refuses to kill Eren and embraces him instead.

Armin AoT

Release Date

Chapter 139 will be out on Friday, April 9 in Japan. The chapter will be released through Kodansha as a final hurrah. At this time, fans will be able to find the manga legally stateside through Crunchyroll of Comixology.

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