Attack on Titan Chapter 139 Predictions And Release Date; Hajime Isayama Will Finish The Manga On Time

Attack On Titan Chapter 139

Attack on Titan Chapter 139 inches closer, and this shows that the end is near. Fans are looking forward to leaks and spoilers now that the month of March is about to end. The epic conclusion of Eren, Mikasa, Armin, and Levi’s storylines are about to be revealed in the final chapter. Now, how will Hajime Isayama put their stories to a close, is the real question.

Attack on Titan Chapter 139 Predictions

Fans are eager for the final installment’s spoilers. Word is that the leaks may drop on Saturday, April 4. Expectations are that it may be from Ryokutya’s notes or Zekken’s summary, which will be hard to translate. Official spoilers from a couple of the manga’s panel will then be out on the websites of the manga copies’ sellers to advertise the final chapter.

However, there will surely be a series of fake spoilers, so fans should be careful about what to believe in. Raw scans, on the other hand, will drop two to three days before its official release date comes. Fans are advised to wait for its official release instead to avoid translation errors and wrong final chapter information. This move will also help the manga creator and the people working behind the scenes.

Hajime Isayama Is Working Hard For AoT

Isayama has been receiving praises for the genius creation of the AoT Universe. Fans say he always works on time, avoiding any irregular breaks or delays. As a result, the best part is Chapter 139 will be finished on schedule. And its manuscript will surely be submitted to the publishers once Isayama is done working with it. It can be seen in the Bessatsu Shounen Magazine May 2021 issue, which will be out on Friday, April 9th, as per its serialization.

Attack on titan

The final chapter will only be 45 pages long. And this means it will be just a regular chapter, just like the others. Sadly, it will not feature additional pages, like what fans hoped for. Isayama said in his November interview on Comic Natalie that he is only one to two percent away from the manga’s completion. He said he had been teasing that he would finish the series in three years for the past eight years.

After years of hard work, the manga creator said it would be finally completed. The manga artist knew it was a long time coming. However, he hoped fans would stick with him until the end. Isayama was also thankful that his team never rushed him to finish the series. Although he was continuously asked when Chapter 139 would come. He also thanked fans for waiting for him. And he promised to do his best until the end to satisfy the readers with what they were going to read.

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