Attack on Titan Chapter 139 Title And Detailed Spoilers; Aftermath Of The Battle, Eren’s Last Words

Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan Chapter 139 latest spoilers have recently released. The final chapter is titled “Yeager”. Spoilers came out on social media platforms and discussion forums like Reddit, Twitter etc. A proper break down of the upcoming chapter’s spoilers are as below–

Attack on Titan Chapter 139 Plot And Discussion

Mikasa managed to get inside Eren’s Titans. She is holding Eren’s head while crying. She realizes that this is the final goodbye between them. Ymir tries to talk to Mikasa. Something like they are not different since Eren has helped them to achieve freedom. Ymir reveals that Mikasa has gotten over her Ackerman Instinct.

Ymir also stated that Mikasa had proved everything by cutting Eren’s head. And it shows the freedom of her will win over instincts. She also said that Eren is a loser, just like her. But she is glad that she has become free at the last minute. Later Mikasa asks if she can talk with Eren. Ymir, Mikasa, and Armin head to the inside path, where they meet with Eren. Ymir disappears and leaves the trio talking. Meanwhile, in the real world, Levi is waiting for Mikasa to return.

Attack on titan

Armin’s Colossal Titan, as he was in the paths, and Eren’s Colossal Titan fall bow with its knees. Levi notices that and dashes to get inside. However, he is surprised to find Eren’s head. He wonders where Mikasa is since he knows that she was there.

Aftermath Of The Battle

Later, the pure Titans return to human form. And suddenly, the Wall Titans started to turn into smoke. And Falco, along with other soldiers, realizes that the curse of Ymir is lifted. They cannot transform, and it leaves them free to rebuild their lives. Levi also lost his Ackerman powers and start to comments that he has become weak.

At the same time, revived Connie and Jean heads to the cliff and sits there witnessing the vaporizing Titan bodies and the aftermath of battle. Meanwhile, inside the paths, Eren accepted that he has lost in front of Armin and Mikasa. He also said nothing could be changed, but he cares about Armin and Mikasa more than anything else. But he has to clash with them, and the battle started.

Attack on Titan

Eren Reconnects With Mikasa And Armin

Eren battles with Armin and comments that he hates Mikasa as he wants them to get free from him and live long without him. He told them to stop mourning for Eren. Later, Eren takes Armin and Mikasa to places they saw in Armin’s book through paths. Mikasa, Armin, and Eren head to the lands of ice and other different places. They decided to visit the ocean, and the ocean gets repaired from damages caused by war.

They both embrace each other and said their final goodbye. After that, Mikasa decided to cut off Eren’s head inside paths. The cycle of death has finally ended. They head back to the real world and find that the centipede had completely vaporized. After all the horrific incidents, the Marleyans thanks the remaining scouts.

Attack on Titan

Eren’s Last Words

They also apologized and decided to form a new friendship and alliance with Eldia. But Levi refused the offer and told them not to touch the island for their own good. Levi and his allies get inside the airship Salta and head back to Paradis. Later, Historia gets blessed with a newborn baby girl, and it was revealed that Eren is the father. The newborn is named Frieda, and Historia breaks up with the Yeagarists. She apologizes to her 104th cadet squad for not revealing Eren’s true plans.

At the same time, Mikasa stands and throws away her scarf from the cliff. She realizes that Eren’s last words were Armin. Mikasa recall when Grisha was holding Eren and Carla was smiling about it. Grisha had a vision about the future and saw that Eren would try to find all places in Armin’s book with Armin and Mikasa. Grisha realizes that releasing Eren will bring the ultimate freedom. He embraced Eren and comment that “You will be free, I promise, Eren.”

Attack on Titan Chapter 139 Leaks, Detailed Spoilers And Release Date; Armin Meets Eren, Eren Meets Ymir

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