Attack on Titan Episode 53 will showcase mixed emotions


The Attack on Titan Episode 53 is going to air its finale episode. If you are a die-hard fan and following this season, you will know the dates soon. It is the 16th episode of Season 3. The episode airs with the name Perfect Game.  This episode is going to make the fans go crazy as it will be action-packed for sure. The release dates are out, and the fans must be eager to watch it.

Attack on Titan Episode 53 will showcase mixed emotions

Release date of Attack on Titan Episode 53

Attack on Titan Episode 53 has already hit the screen on 19th May. It was in the theatres at different times for different time zones.  In UK 6:35 PM BST and in the US it is 1:35 PM eastern and 10:35 AM Pacific.

Attack on Titan Episode 53

The English dub of this episode is about to release on 15th June on Toonami. If the fans want an English version of the episode, they will have to wait for it.

The Storyline

The previous release highlighted the story of Bertholdt transforming from a meek. Bertholdt now knows his fate. This made him clear with his decisions ahead, and therefore, he moves on. He has no confusion with his thoughts to act upon. Therefore, Attack on Titan Episode 53 is named Perfect Match.

Bertholdt now possesses the strength of Colossal Titan which makes it dangerous for Armi, Eren and remaining survey corps. Attack on Titan Episode 53 will showcase a battle featuring Levi and Beast Titan.

The character of Hange was last seen during Bertholdt’s transformation. It is a mystery if Hange survived the incident.  Fans are taking tension about the death of the character, just like Marco.

The creators have marvelously planned the emotional scenes along with the actions. Now, this is maintaining the balance, and the fans love the episode as usual. The current story-line is quite good now. There are some tragic deaths and mind-blowing action sequences.

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