August Full Moon 2019: Time, Date And Meaning Of The Full Sturgeon Moon

Sturgeon Moon
Sturgeon Full Moon. Source: Farmers' Almanac

Now, stargazers can watch the annual Perseid meteor shower and the full Sturgeon Moon which is about to reach its peak on August 13. According to the reports, the popular Perseid meteor shower is underway since mid-June. Besides, it will reach its peak on Tuesday.

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The Perseids mostly appear annually in July and August. We get to see beautiful sight when our planet ventures through the comet Swift-Tuttle. Last night, the Perseid meteor shower was at its peak, and lucky were those who got a chance to see streaks of light zooming in the sky.

However, this year, the skywatchers who are looking forward to seeing a brilliant sight of shooting stars may face interference from the Sturgeon moon. The light of the pesky moon might make it difficult for you to catch a meteor shower.

What is a Sturgeon Moon?

The full moon in August is called the Sturgeon Moon in North America. The name is derived from the Native American groups. These native Americans believe that August is the best month to catch sturgeon fish in the lakes.

Sturgeon Moon

August Full Moon is the best time to catch sturgeon fish.
Source: Daily Express

Full moon mostly occurs once a month and the phenomenon happens when our planet’s positioned between the sun and the moon. Recently, NASA stated that the meteors will be less visible, and will be down from over 60 per hour to 15-20 per hour due to the Sturgeon moon.

But stargazers can still move out in the early morning to catch the bright meteors. Moreover, the moon will stay full for at least a day. Some moon lovers have even kept unique names for the full moon in August such as the.

Besides, it may sound apocalyptic, but regions near the South Pole may witness snow this month. Moreover, the Southern region also has a Full Sturgeon Moon. Plus, the people living in the southern hemisphere may witness it during February.

The Sturgeon Moon will coincide with the Perseid meteor shower

One can view the full sturgeon moon after the moon rises in the eastern sky and before the moon sets in the western sky. This year, the meteor shower began from July 17 and it will continue to appear until August 24.

Unfortunately, the light of the moon will make it difficult to spot the fainter Perseid meteor shower until August 15. You can tune into NASA Meteor Watch Facebook page to watch live videos of a meteor shower!

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