Internet is going crazy as Automattic buys Tumblr from Yahoo under $3 million

Automattic buys Tumblr at a price of modest home in San Francisco

Yes, this piece of news will definitely stun you all. Yesterday, the headlines surfaced online about Automattic buying Tumblr. The creator of WordPress took to Twitter to announce their deal. But what’s more surprising is the price at which WordPress has bought the site.

Why did Yahoo sell Tumblr at a low price?

Many of you might be wondering about this question that why did Yahoo sell the site at such a low price. Because Tumblr still has many fans and is able to drag a required amount of traffic. We can draw a conclusion that maybe Tumblr was too cumbersome to moderate and modify. This forced Yahoo to do the deal.

What will Automattic do with Tumblr?

Now, the next question is why did Automattic seal the deal? What will the WordPress creator do with this site? Automattic is the producer of the world’s biggest blogging website. And it also runs the platform that provides a great hand to both individuals and enterprises.

Automattic buys Tumblr at a price of modest home in San Francisco

Automattic buys Tumblr (Source: Dignited)

According to Automattic co-founder, Matt Mullenweg the company will continue to operate Tumblr along with WordPress. He said they’ll not change the site at all and will keep it running as it is.

However, we expect that Automattic can achieve success where Yahoo failed. Because Automattic can handle the youth blogging site better as they already produce one.

What did the deal cost?

Automattic buys Tumblr at a price of modest home in San Francisco

Tumblr (Source: Kolibri.Press)

Whatever the case may be, we cannot get over the fact that Tumblr was sold at such a nominal price. For instance:

  • Automattic could have also bought a gorgeous four-bedroom home in Corona Heights which costs $2,785,000.
  • And they could have even made a deal for a modest home for a family in San Francisco which costs $2,495,000.

What made the Tumblr deal a hot potato is Yahoo sold it when it had an active userbase. Let’s see what will Automattic do to increase the number more. Till then, keep watching this space for more updates!

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