Avengers 5 Leaks and Rumors: Spider-Woman will be a part of the Movie


The Marvel Universe has had no new updates in the last few months as the pandemic crisis continue to delay production. These delays have rippled their way through the entertainment industry. Slowly, the negotiations for upcoming movies have been initiated.

Olivia Wilde is all set to direct a Marvel movie with a female lead. She also gave hints on Twitter that someone from the Spider Verse will be featured in the movie. Introducing Spider-Woman to the MCU will have a mind-blowing impact on Avenger 5, the next big team-up movie.

The Marvel Comics has given Spider-Woman a murky beginning. Marvel was sued for Wonder Man, but this gave Stan Lee amazing idea. He realized that gender swapped characters could do really well. In 1977, Spider Woman made her debut with her own 50 issue series. In 1979, there was a cartoon made on Spider Woman as well.

Multiple individuals have used the name Spider Woman, but Jessica Drew was the most prolific one among them. Her scientist father injected a ‘spider serum’ in her. Her interactions with the Avengers first began in 2005 in the comics. After struggling with powerlessness for long, Jessica got her own abilities and joined the New Avengers.

However, this collaboration came to an end after it was revealed that Jessica was actually a Skrull queen who was keeping the real Spider Woman in her captivity. The Skrull reveal in the post credits scene at Spider-Man: Far From Home’s end could be an indication that it could be a part of the MCU.

It is not easy to imagine yet how Spider-Woman movie would move the Spider Verse. Wilde’s tweet is definitely pointing towards featuring Spider-Woman, but nothing is sure right now.

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