Avengers: Endgame Is Re-Releasing & The Joke Is On Avatar

Avengers Endgame hoping to beat the record of Avatar
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Fans are delighted after hearing the re-release of Avengers: Endgame. But we have something more to tell you! Netizens are storming the internet with Avatar memes. Don’t believe us? You can check out the hilarious tweets in this article.

Did Avengers: Endgame beat Avatar (2009)?

Avengers series has always crashed the box office collections in the past. Avengers Endgame did it too, but it is still struggling to gain the number one spot of All Time Worldwide Box Office Grosses. Moreover, it is unable to surpass the Avatar film which has been holding the title of Highest Grossing Movie since 2009.

Recently, Russo Brothers along with their crew decided to re-release the film on June 28, 2019. People are saying that it is a stint to achieve their goal.

Why are people mocking Avatar?

Netizens from all over the globe are spreading memes on Avatar. They are also appreciating the step taken by Avengers creators to defeat Avatar. Daily, the movie is being trolled in a hilarious way. Marvel has made a smart move to hit its target. Plus, they know that nothing can stop them.

Various types of Avatar memes are spreading on every social media platform like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Besides, Marvel President Feige also added in an interview that the movie would have a tribute, a deleted scene and some surprises for the fans.

Moreover, the news of re-release came out all of a sudden just before the release of SpiderMan: Far From Home. So now, Marvel is giving a great opportunity for the fans to watch the Avengers: Endgame before SpiderMan: Far From Home hits the theatre.

Also, Avengers: Endgame is still $45 million away from crossing the record of Avatar. Let’s pray that the re-release helps to set a new record in the film industry. Check out The Geek Herald for more exciting updates.

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