Baby Yoda Movie Releasing Soon? The Mandalorian Fans flood Twitter with This Demand!

Baby Yoda Star Wars

Baby Yoda has turned out to be a huge success for Disney and something tells us that it is not an accident. The character is just designed to perfection to appeal to the modern-day audiences. Having found great love from both, the hardcore Star Wars fans, as well as the casual audiences, the character is officially a huge hit for Disney. Fans are now demanding that a Baby Yoda movie be released and Twitter is flooded with such demands. Here’s a closer look!

Baby Yoda Movie

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Baby Yoda: The Mandalorian is Winning the Internet

Baby Yoda, who first appeared on The Mandalorian Episode 1 caught the attention of millions of viewers and non-viewers alike. As soon as he appeared on your news feed, he became the subject of GIFs, videos and memes, as well as viral listicles and articles trying to explain his origin. While the casual fans had a great time in watching this cute alien, the hardcore fans debated and discussed to fit him in the Star Wars cannon!

Baby Yoda Movie The Mandalorian

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Fans now want a Baby Yoda movie. Going by Disney’s habit of cashing in on whatever that is popular, it doesn’t seem unlikely that this movie won’t release. There’s a good chance that you might get to see his story on the bigger screens.

Baby Yoda Movie Demand Intensifies on Twitter

Baby Yoda

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Here’s what fans of The Mandalorian (as well as non-viewers) have been talking about on Twitter. There’s a clear demand for a Baby Yoda movie and you can clearly see that he is the sole reason why many people actually want to watch the show!

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