Bachelorette Season 15: Peter Weber and Hannah Brown stuck in a new controversy

Bachelorette Season 15: Peter Weber and Hannah Brown stuck in a new controversy

Bachelorette season 15 contestant, Peter Weber has finally revealed his thoughts about the show. Some people find love easily, and some have to appear on reality shows to find their soulmate. But don’t you feel bad after your true love rejects you after all your attempts to win her? This is what happened with our favorite, Peter Weber!

Bachelorette season 15: Peter Weber opens up

Bachelorette Season 15: Peter Weber and Hannah Brown stuck in a new controversy

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Hannah Brown revealed about what happened in the windmill with Peter Weber during the finale episode. Moreover, Peter, who was silent till now also decided to open up after the show concluded. Peter was the favorite contestant of the audience who has secured third place in the Bachelorette season 15.

Peter Weber’s interview

Recently, he gave his first post-show interview on the Bachelor Happy Hour. The show is presented by former Bachelorette stars Rachel Lindsay and Ali Fedotowsky.

In the interview, he recalled feeling sad when Hannah Brown decided to send him home in Bachelorette season 15. He was unable to perceive the truth after they talked about windmill fantasy suite date.

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Gratitude. The feeling that has consumed me all season and especially now at the end of this journey. Thank you Hannah for the opportunity to pursue your heart. You will always have a little bit of mine after the time we were able to spend together. Thank you to my brothers from the house. I know we all learned a lot about ourselves during this experience and I’m so happy I was able to make these memories with you guys. Thank you to @bacheloretteabc for giving this hopeless romantic a once in a lifetime experience I will never forget. Thank you to my amazing family for always having my back, I think everyone understands where my emotions come from now. Thank you to my friends for giving me more windmill jokes than I know what to do with. And thank you Bachelor Nation. I have felt your love and support since night one and I couldn’t be more thankful. Everyone on this planet deserves that ‘indescribable, words won’t do it justice, make your heart skip a beat’ type of love. Never stop until you find it ❤️

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Furthermore, he added that the day was fantastic. He was happy that their relationship was on the next level. He confidently went to the rose ceremony and felt positive. Although he was a bit nervous, he was positive that she would choose him.

However, she called Jed Wyatt and Tyler Cameron’s names, and at that moment, he realized that his journey of love with Hannah Brown has ended. He was in a complete shock, and his brain was unable to process everything. He was shattered by her decision because he has genuine feelings for her.

Moreover, he stated that it was her call. He continued that he never expected her to talk publicly about their intimate experience. However, he understood why she did it, and he has no ill feelings.

Lastly, he added that he is trying to move on after Bachelorette season 15, and he would love to return to the Bachelor franchise as a leading man. We hope he finds his soulmate soon.

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