Bandai Namco announces new game: the Blue Protocol

Bandai Namco announces Blue Protocol

Bandai Namco has always had some good news for all the fans more often than not. Bandai Namco has now unleashed Blue Protocol, it is a new Role Playing Game which is coming to PC. The game is designed by Project Sky Blue. It is designed by an internal team comprising of staffs from both Bandai Namco Studios developers as well as Bandai Namco online.

The duo has also developed the Tales series of Role Playing Games. The likes of Ace Combat Series, the Tekken series and much other variety are developed by the experienced designers. The Role Playing Game is set in a world with great graphics accompanied by the lines of anime movies.


Surprise for Bandai Namco fans:

The game includes the multiplayer, qualities of an online game and also uses Unreal Engine 4. The rhyming of the game description goes like this The world is on the brink of devastation, and now is the time to unite. It also says like Come on with strangers and friends and defeat your enemies beyond your might. Travel through space and time, to alter the future beyond might.

Bandai Namco announces Blue Protocol

That’s all we have got:

Sadly this is all we have for all the fans- the announcement was really a brief one, and also Bandai has only shared a single image. We also don’t know about the actual release date of the game. But we will surely keep you updated about the release dates of the Role Playing Game as soon as we come to know.

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