Bank of America Digital Assistant Tells Us About the Future of Banking

Bank of America

Bank of America is an American multinational bank. Their branches are located in North Carolina, Charlotte, London, New York City, Minneapolis, Hong Kong as well as Toronto. Moreover, the bank was formed in 1998.

Furthermore, it is said to be the second largest banking institution after JP Morgan Chase in America. Bank of America provides services like investment banking, wealth management, and commercial banking.

The future of banking is here

BoA is one of the big four banks in America. Interestingly, the back is celebrating the 1st birthday of Erica. It is said to be a digital banking assistant which is a specialized financial version of Amazon. However, Bank of America wants you to know a few points about Erica.

1. Erica is Your financial secretary

Erica has various capabilities. The Bank of America can now send payments easily via pay bills, Zelle, and many more with the help of Erica. Moreover, it also helps to perform a number of other functions like text or voice command.

2. Proactive Insights on Erica

Last year, Bank of America added one more feature to Erica. Due to that, customer engagement has increased a lot. Every week, more than 150,000 users are clicking on Proactive Insights.

Besides, Erica has gained more than 7 million users now. Plus, it is gaining customers in million per month. Also, Erica has fulfilled more than fifty million client requests.

3. Erica has a broad customer base

Bank of America is catering to numerous consumers with the help of Erica. However, half of Erica’s customers are millennials. Besides, the remaining fifty per cent are baby boomers, Gen X, and Gen Z. Check out The Geek Herald for more exciting updates.

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