Bastille Day Celebrations mob witnesses a man flying above them

A man on flying board soars over the mob during Bastille Day Celebrations

Bastille Day marks one of the most important events which led to French Revolution. And today also, the citizens of France celebrate this day as a mark of their freedom and retaliation.

Like previous years, this year’s Bastille Day celebrations too showcased incredible military innovation.

Franky Zapata soars high at 118 mph

Bastille Day Celebrations mob witnesses a man flying above them

The French innovator showed off his amazing creation “Flyboard Air”. He rose high in the sky above the heads of the people present at the Bastille Day Celebrations. His breathtaking stunts were the main attraction of the year.

The crowd cheered him up as he made a new history in the sky before greatest world leaders. The flying soldier, Franky Zapata desires to sell his “Flyboard Air” to the French military. He also wants to contribute more in the development and innovation of the Armed Forces. Even the French Forces are interested in using Flyboard for various purposes, maybe an assault device.

“Proud of our army, modern and innovative”-Emmanuel Macron

President Emmanuel Macron, too, praised the innovation of Zapata in his tweet. He shared a small video of his stunt and expressed his proud for the French military forces.

History of Bastille

Bastille Day Celebrations mob witnesses a man flying above them

The famous French monument and prison, Bastille stood for the despotic power of the King Louis XVI. And the Bastille Day marks the beginning of French Revolution. The day when the French citizens were forced to storm the Bastille due to high taxes levied by the French government in 1789. Thus, Bastille Day still holds a significance in the hearts of French people.

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